4 Points of Connection Webinar
APRIL 27, 2017 - 12noon Eastern

4 Points of Connection is a training that simplifies the presentation planning process and maximizes presentation delivery. Learn to engage and sustain your audience’s attention, convey a clear message that is both easily understood and memorable, feel comfortable in your own skin and positive about your performance.


Eileen N. Sinett, President and CEO of Speaking that Connects, began her communications company to help professionals and business leaders communicate with confidence, clarity and connection. A consultant, trainer-facilitator, coach and author (Speaking that Connects, 2011), her style is conscious, caring, and creative. Eileen has a MA in Speech Improvement from Kean University and a BS in the Communication Sciences from Emerson College.

This Is Our Signature Presentation Program

Join this webinar for Speaking that Connects’ signature presentation program. Take away tips to enhance your connection with your: audience, message, inner self and physical self.

I’ve been to many presentations on speaking and yours was one of the best. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my colleagues.

~ Alex Borenstein, Esq, Estate Planning Attorney

I wanted to share a success story with you. After taking your class I had to speak at a chamber of commerce membership breakfast…I used the white space technique and eye contact techniques you taught. WOW. It really was empowering to be able to do this. But even more so, was that it was validated by a guest in the audience. Someone who is respected as a professional actually made it a point of coming up to me after the event and boasted about what a wonderful speaker I was. Thank you for the tips I was able to use.

~ Megan Jones-Holt, Round II LLC /Boxes For You