Storytelling is a communication art and science form that has existed for millions of years. This webinar focuses on Storytelling for Presentations. Stories add life to your presentation content, engage audience interest and attention, and make you and your presentations more memorable.

In this webinar, you learn:

  • The essential elements of stories
  • Types of stories
  • How to immediately engage your audience by starting with a story

A 10-minute Q&A follows the 20-minute program to help troubleshoot your presentation storytelling skills.


Networking that Connects provides tools and suggestions to support your communication confidence as you articulate your expertise and explore new professional relationships.

In this Speaking that Connects’ webinar, participants will learn:

  • 3 creative ways to express your networking message or “elevator speech.”
  • How your body language influences “connection.”
  • The importance of the invisibles: energy, mindset and confidence, that make your message memorable.

 A ten-minute Q & A follows the 20-minute webinar to troubleshoot your networking concerns.

Details for logging into the webinar will be sent upon registration.