4 Points of Connection PLUS: Presentation and Pronunciation

Sometimes a person whose first language is other than English, delivers a well-developed presentation with passion and great body language, but the message still does not get through. This occurs when an accent or pronunciation style acts as a barrier to communication. 4 Points of Connection PLUS supports speech clarity in the context of making a business presentation.

Individuals receive a combination of presentation training and individual coaching to modify their speech patterns. Coaching identifies key high frequency, high-impact words and phrasing critical to a specific presentation. The coach facilitates improvement of the presenter’s pronunciation accuracy to ensure audience understanding.

Customized Programs for the Multicultural Professional are available.  Some common topics are:
Pronunciation at Work  Virtual Communication  Listening and Asking Questions  Confidence and Assertion

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Ahhhhh – I nailed it!! The ENTIRE audience was engaged whether out of interest or fear but lots of buzz during some key points and coming out of the closing. I even totally forgot to give the addressable example in the beginning but was able to still stay flexible enough to weave it in without tripping myself up. And I walked the room! Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to partnering together in the future.

~ Kathleen Herowanto, Patient Centric Marketing, Novo Nordisk

I learned a lot from your English pronunciation instruction. I can’t understand pronunciation as well from online videos. Your class is a precious opportunity not only to practice English but also to meet and know people from everywhere and learn about their lives. Thank you so much for your warmth and dedication to ESL learners.

~ H.Christine.Yu