Do you know how to get ahead … In work? In relationships? In life?

We do…and it takes skills you may not realize you already have.

Speaking that Connects specializes in working with individuals and companies to enhance each person’s innate ability to communicate effectively — with peers, clients and prospects, employers or employees.

Perhaps you’re a confident corporate executive accustomed to speaking in public and simply looking to improve your game. Maybe you’re looking to raise the skills and profiles of others in your organization.

Of course, many people experience anxiety about public speaking. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Like any other form of self-doubt, it comes from a number of influences which may include lack of practice, a bad experience or general shyness. It’s something to rise above, and we’ll show you how.

We don’t change who you are. We change how you present yourself to others so who you are shines through like never before.

We know how to turn fears and doubts into the kind of quiet, self-assured confidence that wins over a hiring manager, supervisor, board of directors or a room full of conference attendees.

We’ve identified more than 40 distinct behaviors that determine how an audience or individuals react to speakers in action. Because you’ll know how to manage your mind, package your message and maximize your physical language, you’ll influence your listeners to keep listening. Rather than nervousness or insecurity coloring your communication, you’ll be conscious, confident, competent and connected.

Your personal commitment to achieving positive results, combined with decades of experience coaching thousands, will facilitate the creation of your compelling presentation style that will go far beyond what you say and how you say it.

Your success as speaker and leader is our goal and our promise to you!

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